Need help coding Japanese Characters

Howdy, I’ve had another person translate my web-site into Japanese and am gonna run the COUPLE OF sites in parallell.

They want sent me the many translations as Concept documents containing Western characters.

Obviously when i try to c+p this kind of into an HTML document everthing comes up since.

How do i make it screen these characters

Is it as simple as downloading a Japanese font If so, any recommendations

In the past I coded a niche site for someone in Bulgaria and noticed this in the code:

< p> < any name=" bulgaria" > < /a> < b>

Will there be something similar with regard to Japanese

many thanks.

1. Make sure your current web browser may display japanese heroes. Usually need to download an file format or a terminology pack.

A COUPLE OF. May need another header within your HTML to likewise help display them.

Which < a name=" bulgaria" > was just a standard tag Nothing to do with showing the terminology, unless they include some back ending code to pick up on the name varied, but that’d be quite a odd way of doing it.

many thanks, have done which – – our browser displays Western fine though, it’s more about when I’m coding and need and therefore display Japanese characters in the actual code.

Get installed the Windows language pack too, and still absolutely no joy.

I’m thinking I might have to convert the many Kanji characters in Unicode – : – – for example & #2648, as when i paste them directly into my HTML editor they just surface as blocks or perhaps question marks.

I used to be going to point out, that’s the only way I’ll think of. Nonetheless really, where it matters is due to your editor. Your editor has and therefore handle Unicode in order that the characters that will paste. Just with regards to every Linux editor can handle Unicode currently, and by end result gVim can probably do to be able well, so you might want to look into using that only this bit (http: //www. vim. org/).

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