New MiniSite….SEO…What next?


With that exception on the few minimal adjustments, I’ve just complete my very first " mini site".I’m by using a WordPress template will not look anything like a traditional web site.Its hosted on the strong key phrase domain along with I’ve writing much original key word rich articles.Here is actually what We have done with it.

– We have used any WordPress plug directly into build a new Google welcoming XML sitemap, which usually I’ve posted to search engines & google blogger tools

– We have installed SEO Plug Set for WP

– We’ve installed 2 key phrase text hyperlinks on seperate, related web pages (they tend to be still possibly not showing as inbound links in article marketer tools)

– We have had the URL w/ a brief description posted to around 1000 directories

– Truly submitted each one page professionally to Search engine & Bing (Yahoo next)

– We have added central links along with appropriate key term phrases

This provides all happened while in the last week/few days.My traffic is very slowly increasing on a daily basis, but only by way of a few visitors on a daily basis.My query is:

What can i do upcoming (aside out of be patient)

I’m intending on doing a few article submissions but in addition to that I’m undecided where to go.As considerably as I plan to be patience and also wait, I also don’t prefer to sit around after i could often be putting perform into the idea.

What here’s I missing Please aid.


Social bookmarking to get backlink

Do weblog posting about regular foundation.In that sense, redesign it routinely.Frequently up-to-date websites are made preference by search engines like google.

Get busy using your next site(s) along with don’t have a look at it for six months to a year.(I realize some web pages require frequent posts, but is not all complete.) I’ve some slim sites at keyword domains i forgot about for any year or more.I was always astonished the amount of change occurs I make it happen than the change I feel when I will be checking these people frequently.

Wait in addition to another thing

As mentioned right before you will need to wait to check out some effects.Keep making more links pay for.You might even have to waste sometime in the big H sandbox on your keywords.

Also you can actually guest blog on several sites related aimed at your website.Thats very good for special, targeted traffic and a few back-links depending on the site where you’re blogging.

All fantastic advice.With thanks everyone.I nonetheless haven’t learn up more than enough on social media back backlinks / bookmarks nonetheless thats the next stage.

ANOTHER Question
I’ve collection my post/page present in WP to show my websites as is this as successful or a lot better than

I’m wondering should the " -" affects or helps.Please reply in case you have insight during this.Thank you!

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