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Hello there,

I’m seeking some advice.

I’m in the operation of designing my very own website. It are going to be a sports info/news site aimed at soccer, perhaps with slightly cricket thrown in the mix eventually.

Concerning the content knowledge/skills, nevertheless no real website design/development background. I will be, however, very keen to understand the ropes as I go and now have read my way through many different " basic" leads to html, css, php, xml, mysql, and many others. I’ve also researched the open source CMS options to choose from.

All of which has left me, still, a bit of confused about precisely what structure/format I have to use.

Allow me to share the main features your website will (hopefully) have got:

– News articles/features
– League tables
– Results/fixtures
– Club profiles
– Player profiles
– Blog

Of course, there will be a great deal of data and, ideally, I would manage to update things just like team rosters along with player info of hospitality attire place, without needing to change hundreds of pages decide to purchase. That’s why We were thinking dynamic… collection… php… etc…

I’m just not sure how to start and where the CMS fits around. The last thing I’d like is to find, halfway through creating this thing, I’ve chosen an untrustworthy direction.

If anyone features any advice I’d be eternally grateful!

I would likely go the road of using Drupal, but you need some scripting guide if
you aren’t so experienced with PHP and MySQL. Your web blog sounds large enough
to where you could potentially hire someone

This is the deal nevertheless…

I’m guessing you will find already 1000 sites that way online.
Why would your web blog be better, numerous, worth building
You might like to research the demographics from the topic.

Thanks for ones help, mlseim.

This really is really just some sort of pet project associated with mine so, alas, I’m not really willing to hire anyone. I will be very keen to understand, however, and Concerning lots of time/energy that will experiment.

My principal interest is that WHEN I waste my time frame learning/implementing needless systems/languages. I don’t want to find myself, six months down the line, thinking " precisely why have I also been doing that, next time i could have utilized this! " : ermm:

I’ve played all around with Drupal plus Joomla and both seem easy to do business with. Why would anyone specifically recommend Drupal on the competition

To answer ones very valid dilemma about my web page – having spent the past year researching, I’m sure I can easily say that 90-95% associated with sports websites/blogs are either badly intended, badly written, as well as both. I possess faith that, provided that I can produce a good-looking, easily navigable web page with up-to-date data, the quality involving my writers will administer us forward. Or even, then at least we’ll enjoy the fun trying!

I’m sure Drupal is stronger, but at your deeper level.
Both Drupal and also Joomla have many online support… that is not an issue.

Drupal is more flexible as far as customizing the site.
Joomla sites always often look like Joomla websites… you know precisely what I mean

Another thought should be to use WordPress to the blog part, along with integrate
your PHP/MySQL scripting to the rest of them. If you have ideas about
dining tables, results, and profiles that might be unique to your account… like a route to organize
and present data in many ways nobody else is doing, you could develop your own
pieces of software. That would always be interesting.

Maybe there’s the right way to collect data, numbers, and some algorithms in which nobody else
has been able ascertain. Don’t rule out the option to subscribe to be able to data from some
databases online (even if you need to pay for access).

I’m sure nothing about those people sports, so I cannot offer any suggestions on what you can do with it.

Concerning some experience along with WordPress, so that can an option. I’m willing to give scripting this stats/rosters/results part a go myself – I do believe that might be a simpler way to start than endeavoring to learn drupal code.

Here’s a thought – easily liked the thought of managing the front page/news/features component of the site using Drupal or Joomla – creating the cms within the website’s main code directory – may i then locate my very own scripted section in a subdomain, completely separated with the cms

Thanks for that advice!

Yes you possibly can…

You’d use the exact same MySQL connection scripting in order to connect
for the same database in which Drupal uses… the MySQL may be a database
on your webhost’s server that one could access from any kind of script.

Around the stats, scores, and many others.
Will you be planning on joining those in every single day, or is presently there a place
where you possibly can grab those internet (using a PHP script)

In which sounds good. I think our host provides me with a number of MySQL databases. There has to be a particular reason I’d personally use the same a bed that Drupal uses

Unlike in the west entering the information, I have a whole lot already, but it becomes very useful for you to grab some stats, like results, on the internet. How would I do that

You could potentially add more tables to the existing MySQL databases.
This will depend on how experienced you happen to be at PHP/MySQL.
Most effective for you a big project regardless of how you have a look at it.

Stats are best grabbed that the host provides XML data files (like RSS for, or data files).
I’d guess some vendors of scores may well charge a request fee
Some offer use of databases using API (application encoding interface),
but I’m sure you might need to pay for use of their data.

Best of luck on this task… it will maintain you busy for long periods.

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