Rotating text……

We have been given a request to make rotating text… Rotating is probably not a good word for it.

Essentially this is what is wanted.

To the intranet main page where we usually bi-monthly place a new news letter together with 8-15 articles of varying importance. This page is static without changing until the subsequent issue of the particular newsletter. What is sought is in on the list of tables to have a fading, alternating, rotating in and out component to text with shots, links and so forth that’ll alternate between 5-8 of the most crucial articles. In the surrounding tables may have secondary articles. We have seen something comparable on www. windows live messenger. com (Right right now, they don’t get anything like Im looking for) but hopefully you might have the picture.

I’d like this to be something which is dynamic, and easy in order to update and include content to from a relatively short amount of time.

Anyone have the proper job ideas

I hardly understand what you indicate, the rotating part. Do you indicate a 3-d consequence I guess you’d really need to get a 3-d design program. Or do you just mean this text will switch, like a paragraph of text can change Fading throughout and out That can be done the fading within and out factor in Flash. But I truly don’t understand what it is you mean.

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