Screwing Around 2

See attachment.

Simply screwing around with paint.

Not a bad concept, but needs lots of work. If you’re going with the bent page thing – do it all the manner man! (But will not overdo it)

Reminds me of the old macOS software..

I’m keen the concept. The clean and economical.

Allow it to be so number one particular.
— Jean Luc-Picard

Could do with extra colour IMO, beige/brown doesn’t take action for me: -/

its about to be hard to make a layout within paint…

Messin around with paint Why will be the attachment a. png

Result in I converted that in photoshop. And if you could ask, I find paint easier after i am doodling after that photoshop.

Ahh Indeed, sorry for underestimating the facility of conversion!: basic: I have the identical opinion about doodling, fresh paint is easier as compared to photoshop.

Can we produce thread that will probably be their for that propose of doodling This thing I drew, its not about to become a website or anything but merely a doodle.

lol… I’ve got a few ‘doodle’s to even come up with a joke about.

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