what’s the best software to apply to build and maintain a website that also possesses downloads forms intended for clients

what’s the best software plus or program to apply to build and maintain a website where my purchasers also download and or prepare forms I are using a no cost site for 2 years now with no forms now my business is growing to where i really need them. u can c the positioning at www. hopeacademy. faithweb. com virtually any and all facts would b significantly appreciated much gives thanks

What can you mean by forms

It is possible to upload any. pdf file,. doc, or. txt document into your webspace and
a link directly to it’s going to allow them that will download the document.

Case: You upload an application you made known as: summercamp. doc
uploaded right into a directory you contact " forms".

On your own webpage, the link will be:
< the href=" http: //www. hopeacademy. faithweb. com/forms/summercamp. doc" > Summertime Camp Form< /a>

Because the file extension seriously isn’t,. html. htm. shtml the idea opens the
filesave dialog box in Windows.


Filling in forms is yet another matter.

This might involve re-creating the shape in HTML with a webpage
plus they would fill while in the boxes and just click a submit switch.
This involves a server-side language such as PHP or Perl.
Someone have to create a script for you… probably customized.

You will need to find a different webhost, one which allows PHP and CGI.
… as well as, for a little fee (like $100 each year), you might have a site
without any ad banners. (like Netfirms. com and also Ipowerweb. com)

Last but not least, give your internet site a title.

now is:
< title> Residence Page< /title>

you need to make it:
< title> Hope Academy Welcomes You Home Schooling< /title>

I’m not 100% convinced of what that you’re asking here but you can find two possible solutions according to my assumptions:

ONE. You could simply just upload normal concept (or similar) forms to your site and website link directly to these folks. This would quick the browser that will download it to the visitors machine. One drawback of the method is it assumes the customer has the software necessary to open the file type you employ. The visitor could possibly then email or post a concluded form.

ONLY TWO. You could work with a scripting language to allow a visitor to complete the form online and have it automatically email the results to you.

Neither worth mentioning methods require specific software that way just a way to produce the forms (method 1) or any normal website design software (method 2).

I’m unclear if that’s what you’d in mind – or please clarify precisely what you mean plus I’ll have one more think.

Heh. Answered at the same time AND we consent.

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