Having spluf getting this specific new gig during ESPN, I get really been reading through up about world wide web standards and precisely what not.

The thing is, I am fairly new to webdesign, but is not new in the sense i always just started building sites. I familiar with manage some gaming sites instruction online the 97-99 years, and back then all of the news updating was done personally.

All these new things just like content management along with absolute standards are generally new to the ears.

To get quite honest, I’ve a fair level of catching up to undertake. For starters, I would like to learn exactly how to make standards-compliant code.

I’ve done a search in the posts here and visit a little dried out. Are there almost any threads, articles, or sites outside w3schools that I want to read

Thanks in advance guys.

These three sites have helped us drag my head out of my bumm, and get into creating towards models…. plus the truth that i HATE the idea when people can perform better than my family, so i learned standards for being the best (out of my local freinds, not everyone inside world), and now i will gloat once i finish off my portfolio.

http: //www. sitepoint. com – What else may i say Great resource with the Novice to your Absolute Expert.

http: //www. alistapart. com — Taught me issues i didn’t perhaps know were possible

http: //www. simplebits. com — Very informative, fantastic articles and layout tips.

With thanks man. Sitepoint is one of my favs yet I didn’t be informed on the other a couple.

Sitepoint is definitely excellent, and ALA can be amazing, too.

I haven’t heard of the other, but check out Webmonkey as well as w3schools, they might have something interesting!

an incredible book to stay with me this subject.. In actual fact it is considerd The primary book you should continue reading the subject by many people.. Designing with Net Standards by Jeffrey Zeldman.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this book, so I think I will purchase it. Thanks male.

jlgosse – w3schools is surely an excellent site, as I semi-mentioned within my first place. Isn’t webmonkey closing down though I might imagine they’re keeping all of the content online however last I knew their doors were shut or as a minimum half way d.

megablaz0r: do not take this a different way, but growing to be too obsessed using " standards and also compliance" can often lead to problems as well.

Such as, this is a perfectly standards-compliant page but look how are you affected to certain properties both in browsers:

http: //www. adamwebdesign. ca/xhtml_illustrative_example. html

This is perfectly valid XHTML along with perfectly valid CSS. On the other hand, it renders considerably differently in IE vs. Firefox. (Yes, you’ll find workarounds to the issues posted, before anyone starts saying I possibly could have coded the item differently and blah blah blah yadda yadda. And ofcourse that just due to the fact something is standards-compliant doesn’t necessarily ensure it is " right". The W3 possesses had its head up some ass for ages and refuses to take out it. )

In addition, the opinion of your site’s users (you learn, the people that truly view the site) matters considerably more than that from the W3 or on the standsrds police or perhaps other designers or even whoever else happens to be watching. Unless you’re building a website for designers, then get ready to sacrifice complying for an boosted user experience.

To paraphrase, it’s important, but don’t obsess more than it.

TheGAME, WE completely understand. Unless someone hires me to try and do a site for instance ESPN, I will not be pushing for full compliance.

http: //www. peerlessperfection. com/case/01/ is among a *very* beginning version of the work-in-progress website. I realize that will standards won’t generate everything work continuously, and as you said you will discover definitely workarounds.

I am simply just striving to learn how to do everything the proper way because I do not know how entirely… that is definitely all.

Level well taken, however. Thanks much.

No offense game, but your website, it is not necessarily. Also, I believe your statement you must sacrifice something that they are standards compliant can be naive. Unless you’re referring to excluding NN4 customers… which, unless you’re doing work for some very precise audiences, is not a challenge any longer.

There’s much more to standards when compared with having your websites validate… in simple fact, validation is trivial as noted by Mike. The validator only ensures you’ve coded the page correctly and never been lazy, forgettting in order to close elements, or anything else.

It’s about using HTML how it was planned, using elements for their true function and enabling the internet to be as used by disabling people, and preparing for your future of the world wide web.


How long do you think it will likely be before broadband is standard

Depends on the country you happen to be targeting… In the united states we’re at 2/5 joints are broadband… I’d give that another 5-10 years to get to 9/10.

That is definitely pretty amazing. I didn’t realize 40% coming from all internet enabled residences had broadband in america.

I figured it had been a little about half that. With thanks man.

Several individuals in my domain have broadband, near to 10/10 of affiliates I know.

High speed broadband is getting fairly big here. Our inhabitants are only like 100k, and broadband may be around for just a couple of years. The main cable provider here just upped his or her speeds from 1. 5 mbps for you to 3. 0, so everyone I realize is making the hop.

I wasn’t seeking to suggest that legitimate XHTML/HTML code had been a " standard" on to itself, although this can be a common misinterpretation. I had been actually trying to be able to illustrate that point.

The problem with the phrase " Standards-compliant" in actual fact… whose standards No one’s really prepared a concrete pair of rules and/or guidelines which may appeal to most cases.

I are not aware of who " Mike" is since I’ve never heard of him before, but I truly was saying this also thing he did in the long run… the only " standards" you should truly be seeking are the standards imposed with the target demographic from the website.

As long as making things accessible into the

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