What Program For HTML?? Word Is Messing With Me!!!

I’ve just started to understand HTML and Formerly suffering with tinnitus using Microsoft Wordon this Mac. The problem that will I’m having is always that everytime I save it for a plain text document (. txt), as well as close the insurance coverage down, when WE reopen the file Word doesn’t present me my HTML DOCUMENT, it shows us my website!!! What’s up along with that It’s supposed to be a plain text document (Oh, so when I go to evaluate the script seems like that Word features added all the junk! )

Must i be using some other program What can everyone else use (Keeping in mind that I’m a Mac guy)

Thanks a great deal of!!

Use notepad or some other text editor to be able to open the insurance plan. Microsoft words carries a build in html convertor to ensure that when a individual tries to wide open a html file it will convert the layout to clear out the html tags and leave an individual with a pretty page without code.

Quite simply dont use microsof word to complete code…

check out nvu, it’s a totally free open-source web authoring application. It works fantastic.

http: //www. nvu. com


#1, avoid MS Word for website design.
#2, for a Mac, you are able to use TextEdit (in lieu of NotePad) as being a plain text editor (cool huh). But be warned that TextEdit is usually smarter than most of the people suppose and that means you have to perform two things… For a start, Format> Make Basic Text (or shift-apple-T), and secondly if you save, it will automatically wish to append your document that has a. txt so if you save your. html code, it will generate your file catalog. html. txt If you don’t tell it to not ever when the factor pops up.

At this point, that should produce your life a whole lot easier

MY SPOUSE AND I reccomend Editpad, which is exactly like notepad, but you have multiple files opeb with tabs, so that you do not crowd you taskbar. Ever sinc patient using mozilla, tabs happen to be my obsession, as well as Editpad helps us gulgull it, EXP

Not sure how to do with Mac, but in windows you need to do a " start with". Its opening it on account of what you rescued it as, a web page. I’ve applied word before, zero other choice. Easier than pad far more difficult and unfriendly in comparison with frontpage.

Phrase on any platform, any version, is a complete piece of crap for editing HTML, period.

On the Mac, I advise either Dreamweaver MX 2008 or BBEdit. Neither is free, however you usually get what you have the funds for. However, Arachnophilia (http: //www. arachnoid. com/arachnophilia/) will be free and composed in Java, therefore it should work below OS X.

i think macromedia is surely an expencive program to start off with. for a beginner webdesigner i alwals sugest front page to begin because you could edit code, lug drop when obtaining problems then see code how their done, ect. ect. ect. and cost near to nothing. or if your directly into it frequently seek macromedia for totally free (you didnt perceive taht from me)

I also did not read that just now. Don’t ever consider posting similar to that again.

Frontpage forms extremely bad routines for web creating. Stray from it as far as you can. MY SPOUSE AND I use CuteHTML, since Manged to get it for no cost on my ISP mount disk.

became it.

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