A question about images

I’d like to see to align an image in the middle of my webpage using only web coding. I cannot choose a command to undertake it. The image is at the top associated with my page and i just want it to become centred down the middle of the page.

put this code around the image:

< div align=" center" > < " picture code here" > < /div> 

Confused but I are convinced will only work in IE.

< div align=" center" >
< div style=" margin: 0 auto; " >
< " picture code here" )
< /div>

That would work in IE in addition to Firefox.
< /div>

< img src=" location/pic. jpg" width=" (xx)" alt=" " style=" margin: o auto; " /> 


< center>
< img src=" location/pic. jpg" align=" center" alt=" " >
< /center> 

Depends when you are bothered about web standards, many methods now at least use a smaller snippet of CSS.

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