Relaxing tints and shades?

When anyone here is familiar with Gmail, you’ll take note the quite enjoyable blue color structure once you’ve logged throughout. Does anyone know very well what colors these are

Or maybe, if you desired to mimic the colour / tint of their blue but just take action in green, just what the RGBs would be

What exactly are some quite soothing, web-safe RGBs with regard to blue and green

It really is for a melancholy site.

Blues and grays bring on a feeling regarding relaxation and relaxing.

Consider Asprin ads within magazines, you’ll quickly notice the fact that ads are always from a dulled out, grayish-blue as you move competition is usually spotted in the vibrant red/yellow (which promotes anxiety).

Yes, same with Gmail. But what are some of the specific RGBs Or will there be a chart regarding relaxing ones on the internet somewhere

I would drop the total web safe thought, you’ll really end up being limiting yourself. Every other website uses identical blocky unoriginal repeatetive colorings. Varity would end up being welcomed; the perform of using online safe colours can be long outdated and also unecessary.

In order to sample colours from a preexisting source make the screen shot (prnt scrn/apple+shift+3) as well as paste it in an imaging arrangement. If you lack Photoshop etc you’ve probably already got something similar to Microsoft Photo Publisher (or such, MS Paint might even have the ability to do this). Utilize the eye dropper software to sample the particular RGB value(s) you wish.

Adjust the colour/hue and re-sample in the event you wanted to shift a similar scheme to green for instance.

cool, calm, reflective, effortless, relaxing…

  • #66CCFF
  • #99CCFF

(These are web-safe incidentally. )

Many thanks!

Color theory is not summed up into 3 or 4 hex values… you’ll need to experiment yourself, truly.

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