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Good day All,
Relating to done a search for this but am still undecided. I am adding to a current site 6 new pages. There is a total of 69 different images (each needed hardly any editing), the total word count is around 3, 400 and 4 from the pages have similar layout.
Could anyone allow me a ballpark on what I should demand (in CAD if possible)or at the least let me realize the currency you’re talking.
Thank you

All depends upon many factors, the question’s a bit too vague. For example:

ONE. Did you create the site
ONLY TWO. How long will certainly it take to complet the responsibilities mentioned
THREE. With the textual content, is it any copy and composite job
SEVERAL. Is your buyer a multi-millionaire

Products questions, but you obtain the idea. You might always set oneself an hourly rate and obtain a rough idea after that.

Could possibly be an idea to ignore one more question though

Anticipation this helps

Relatively charge an hourly charge, at least in case theres any additional changes the fact that client asks with regard to midway through, it is possible to easily adjust, and both of you can be satisfied.

For a whole site, then its sometimes more viable to travel with a permanent price, and after that an hourly charge for adhoc modifications….. Its up to you.

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