Are there any non php messageboards?

May i install such table on my file transfer protocol Cause my equipment aperantly doesn’t encourages php.

Are usually average mb breathing space requered for php invision or other forums(when they work, and persons post there)

There are many non-PHP based community forums, though, personally, PHP seems to be best option when available. You may easily check hotscripts. com to get other message table scripts. If you don’t have PHP on the market, CGI is a further option, though most are generally flat file and can require double to tripple the space a normal PHP information board (such while vBulletin or IB) would certainly.

BurningBoard — http: //www. woltlab. de
InvisionBoard — http: //www. invisionboard. com
MercuryBoard — http: //www. mercuryboard. com
OpenBB — http: //www. openbb. com
Phorum — http: //www. phorum. org
phpBB — http: //www. phpbb. com
vBulletin — http: //www. vbulletin. com
UBB. strings – http: //www. infopop. com/products/ubbthreads
XMB — http: //www. xmbforum. com
YabbSE — http: //www. yabb. facts
Zorum — http: //www. zorum. com

e-blah! — http: //www. eblah. com
Discus — http: //www. discusware. com/discus
IkonBoard — http: //www. ikonboard. com
UBB. common – http: //www. infopop. com/products/ubbclassic
Upperboard — http: //www. upperboard. com
YaBB — http: //www. yabbforum. com
ZcomForums — http: //www. zcomforums. com

IdealBB — http: //www. idealbb. com
Snitz User discussion forums – http: //forum. snitz. com

DiscussionApp — http: //server. com/communityapps/discussionapp
ezboard — http: //www. ezboard. com
FreeWebWare Online community – http: //freewebware. com/info/tools/forum. html
InvisionFree — http: //www. invisionfree. com
MyForum. online – http: //www. myforum. net
MyForums. online – http: //www. myforums. net
MyIkonBoard — http: //www. myikonboard. com
OpenTopic — http: //www. infopop. com/products/opentopic
ProBoards — http: //www. proboards. com
Immediate Forum – http: //www. rapidforum. com
Immediate Launch – http: //www. suddenlaunch. com
zeroforum — http: //www. zeroforum. com
Internet site Toolbox – http: //www. websitetoolbox. net/tools… paction=mboard

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— nsr81

LOL…. That guy has a lot of time on his hands.

I’ve personally used Snitz for ASP and phpBB… that they both suck

i think phpbb is very good (well i are an idiot ). People say it can be slow but relating to not had just about any problems and you will discover hundreds of hacks correctly. From what i’ve used it will be very easy to be able to edit.

vB is definitely undoubtedly the daddy, but it isn’t really free

There’s also JLive or some thing (Sun uses this at their discussion boards, IIRC) for JSP, although JSP forums became limited in quantity right now.

There’s also ASP. NET forums (which you may get at asp. online, lol)

I might argue that vB seriously isn’t the daddy.. it’s just the best well known. Invisionboard could be the BEST board Truly ever used… and it’s free!

PHP & MySQL is your best option since it’s just about the most widely supported and also going to turn out to be your fastest/smallest (webspace) optoion.

Invision panel looks good, but there may not be many hacks hard.

www. ibplanet. com There are plenty of

Have virtually any of you previously used WowBB

http: //www. wowwebdesigns. com/

Not sure if they permission out the computer software, but the discussion boards are pretty fairly sweet!

FuseTalk has to be my favorite not for PHP message table.

vBulletin would need to be my beloved board period.

I have tried loads of them.

invisionfree is definitely my favorite

IPB in actual fact the best, and I’ve used vB, IPB and phpBB, among other folks like agora, webwizforums(ASP), or anything else.


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