intro pages??

concerning a moonfruit webpage, www, thelongtimepromise. cjb. net – although i wana don an intro web page, just a poster or flyer advertising some of our next gigs, then when u click this, u enter your property page. i dont think moonfruit will allow me to do it, but there has to be any other approach 2 make this particular possible

It looks like their system is actually all template tempted.
I’m guessing fat loss make a dash (intro) page.

You might need to find another webhost that is certainly just a
webhost… you make your webpages (no templates).
That of training would require you to discover how to make
sites, whether you use like Dreamweaver to
develop your pages, as well as hand-code them oneself.

only let that happen if your fliers are realy good looking.

Well knowing your ftp particulars, upload a directory. html, and possess the image acting being a link to mainpage. htm as well as whaetever.

MY PARTNER AND I dont know moonfruit, they may not allow ftp.

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