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I have problem I need to solve and I’m not sure the best option to go.

Basicly I need a avalibility calander using a web page. Every day can be in a single of three ‘states’, often avalible, confirmed arranged or unconfirmed. Truly written the internet page in HTML. using tables (Click here to discover it so far)

The problem will be the site was generated for some people who need ideas of HTML and I don’t want to have to keep doing it again becasue these people accidently deleted half a table. At the moment if a particular date changes from one particular state to one more they e-mail my home and I modify it manualy.

What I need is really a way of building some form of front end so as to go and help to make alterations by clicking about the days or something. Possibly a password protected page so they could log on from wereever they’re and change points.

Not sure of the best ways of going over it. I guses I’m visiting need some form of database with accurate documentation for each time, but what is a best thing to work with to implement it

I know to no Pearl, very little javascript (just plenty of to alter others scripts) and simply no Flash (altough WHEN I do have flash and would like to learn when I obtain time).

I have looked at various there are various shelf calanders nevertheless none are realy what I’m looking for.

Basicly what ever I decide to use I’m going to have to learn, which I don’t mind the best ways to learn is that has a project. I only need some peoples opinions for the best route to adopt.

Just about any suggestions appreciated,

Gives thanks,


Welcome to WDF! Yes, with something similar to this you would make use of a database system. I believe I’d use PHP / mySQL.

FYI for the main page:

Thanks with the replies.

Formerly suffering with tinnitus looking at one or two MySGL and PHP series today, altough I’ve only had a fast read through some people confuse the hell out of me, but so does the HTML tutorials next time i first read them before.

I became hoping to take action in CGi/Perl becasue this is all the intended for I’m using encourages. But if Mysql/PHP will be best/easiest way I may have to change.

Brak – Thanks with the info. The web site displays ok my spouse and i IE/AOL, but once i loaded it into Firefox (as you have judging by ones sig)it displayed the page when you quoted. I’ll transform that, thanks.

Is it possible to recomend some quick to follow course for MySQL/ PHP

Follow Up:

Thanks with the advice on using PHP/MySQL. I’ve got an innovative host that supports both and am working away at it at the moment.

Going well but as it is a first time We’ve used both PHP and also SQL it using time.

Gives thanks again.

No issue! Please do not necessarily hesitate to post when you have any questions.

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