Ever so slightly large problem here…. (CSS)

Right, I decided for at the first try I was likely to do a web page in CSS, its a website for one regarding my father’s friends (its the replacement for that website I posted in that other thread within " hows the site, " whenever anyone remembers that)

In any case, the css seems to your workplace OKISH in Firefox, but it dosnt work in the slightest properly in IE.

And theres also a few problems in Firefox however, the width setting within the links in the top end right dosnt are most often working, it shoud be the whole 200px across…

IE seems to be resizing the major image section affordable (how the hell) plus makes the links as being a list, tiling vertically.

Furthermore, does anyone realize how to center div’s without needing center tags

WOOPSIE, did not remember the address: http: //hofflenosh. f2g. net/totalcleantest/home. htm

(hosting for a subdirectory in the Hofflenosh Website throughout testing… )

To center the website use margin: 0px car; whatever div has been to be centered.

I’ve never used thicker: 100% in the CSS because Now i’m under the impression so it doesn’t work exactly the same way as in HTML. So for the links you’ll probably decide to to define a collection length for the div as opposed to that percentage. Need to make sure that the back links may work appropriate in IE additionally. I believe this 100% only usually takes the 100% width on the content placed within the div.

I don’t know what the image problem is centered on in IE, apologies.

I think I might ditch the style and design anyway, dosnt look just like I dreamt it would be.

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