bad jpg image quality after upload

I made such a nice template with regard to my website that can have portions with text encased inside a solid color border. I made the actual border a jpg (it’s expensive, it has being jpg.. ) and my problem usually it looks incredible on my computer system but after POST upload it for the website the coloration looks darker and there’s tiny little spots everywhere in the image making it appear to be it’s really awful quality. (I generally save the jpg at 100% quality. ) Does any person know why this specific happens or how We can fix it

* I apply geocities as my own website host and pagebuilder to put it all with each other.

Thanks to your help!
: Niki

What graphics program can you use

MY SPOUSE AND I usually make this stuff on Arcsoft Photostudio 2000, but I in addition have Adobe Photoshop Features 2. 0 I’ve tried saving the same image in together programs to see if you find any difference plus I still have same problem when I’m uploading. It uploads superior when it’s saved like a GIF so made from doesn’t look bluish, but I nevertheless get little shiny spots that are everywhere in the border.

Could you post a link so you can easlily see it on the web Also nice would be a screenshot of just what it looks like on your desktop.

the connection to see the theme is:
internet. geocities. com/dothehustle_87

you can observe the screenshot these: http: //www. geocities. com/dothehustle_87/screenshot

you can observe in the screenshot that spots where you will find light lines/dots that show up (circled in red). You can also get some very small dots on the outside border that is often a darker color but these are hardly noticable. The verticle lines while using red circles on them is also the most noticable. Relating to those save at about 4 px vast and 400 px upright. The dots looks a good deal worse when WHEN I lengthen the traces to accomidate a lot more text. You could also see dots in addition to distortion from being uploaded inside the upper lefthand corner with the screen shot wherever it says " Index" on the very top belonging to the image next for the " N" symbol to the browser. I really don’t know where to start, it happens along with everything I add. I have macromedia dreamweaver if desires to help at just about all, but don’t have learned to use it. Usually I simply make the photos in photoshop along with upload them after which it add all my text and hyperlinks in pagebuilder since it’s just a lot simpler.

The screenshot We were talking about was how it looks like before upload, if you said it seen great.

In addition, I don’t assume the spots are generally terribly distracting, and I do believe the layout looks fine all the while it is. At this point, I’m not guaranteed what’s causing the situation, however.

fine, i’ll probably keep it the way in which it is if it’s not that noticeable. i found a choice in photoshop to " save an image to the web" and it got gone the dots soon after I re-uploaded that. the color won’t look as bright because it does before uploading it but i’m probably the only one that will notice anything like that. thank you a lot for your aid!!

No concerns. Glad to take note of you’ve fixed the issue.

me that will =). one LAST question if you don’t mind. I used the choices in the pagebuilder to help center the site (check the box if you’d like the page centered form of deal) but this doesn’t happen center the web page. do you find out if there’s the best way I can allow it to be center the article through html

After the head tag, have a shot at adding:

< style type=" text/css" >
entire body

text-align: center;

< /style>


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