What image file types work unversally/ sizing?

Greetings, I’m kind of new for this, I run one or two sites, right now I use mainly. png images. My websites usually are image-heavy and We need to load as fast as you can. Is. png one of the best file sizing for the quality Do Concerning any other options

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Use. jpg images. Should you set the compression right in the end you get good quality using a significantly lower quality.

Uh, well considering We can get near perfect quality of any 200×200 png file in 4 kbs or maybe less, I don’t even think I can receive that with jpg

. jpg if it’s actually a complex image,. gif if its simple, not too many colours, and sharp lines.

Got a connection to the. png document

I dont find how.. jpg will almost always beat (full)png with regards to file size. Even so, if you have found how to compress full color images to png24 format which has a smaller file measurement and comperiable image quality to that of jpg, please why don’t we know..

Using graphic images, a png is the best choice. Inside indexed/palette mode, the file size is approx 2/3 of any gif. I use Coloration Shop Pro to accomplish this.

Intended for photographic images MY PARTNER AND I use jpg, yet haven’t tried png. As well as 24bit have you experimented with a dithered found png. Just your thought.

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