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I am looking for the ecommerce solution. I want the buyer to have the option and therefore make payments for the item purchased. I also would like something I can integrate by myself design into. I’ll do the. psd report and possibly this html, but would like something I will use this with. I want one that is whether reasonable monthly or perhaps annual cost. Thank you so much! I expect seeing everyone’s suggestions!

http: //www. oscommerce. com/

Thank you!

I including Magento. Its a little tricky for getting your head close to customising it but once you’ve its a delight.

I’ve fought by using Joomla and OSCommerce just before but never managed to get any sites all set as would always meet up with problems with this payment module integration. This is so easy in Magento just fill in several boxs and your current done.

It is rather a big plan though so can certainly run abit slowly and gradually

Magento fantastic solution, but requires a 512 MB VPS (minimum) to perform smoothly.

Also, the default CSS and JS equate to about 700k of downloads that your visitor needs to get before your site renders… you definitely must tweak that prefer a nice website.

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