Best way to create a news section?

Hello there Guys,

I’m working over a few things presently but one analysts requires having your news section.

I would want to create it as that the consumer can update the actual news themselves with out needing any help from me or any expertise in coding.

I was thinking of a CMS like Joomla but MY PARTNER AND I wasn’t sure if it was possible to just integrate suitable standard html/css internet site or whether the complete website should be design with that CMS.

I did come across this particular: http: //bytescout. com/how_to_create_news_section_on_your_website. html but WHEN I wasn’t sure if there is an easier/better/more efficient way to achieve this which is why I became looking at a CMS.

Almost any thoughts or ideas


Is it news that could just change at times, no archive, very little searching
Or should you keep every document they write

I want to have the alternative to keep every article they would right – but this may of course need to be with a create that allowed these individuals to write articles easily without having any coding encounter which is the most crucial thing.

It sounds like you then have a plan

If they should keep them, then you’ll need a data source (MySQL).
That causes it to be harder. Unless you utilize WordPress, or locate another
easy CMS system, you’ll need to code a good admin panel wherever the
articles is often administered, along with a login so only certain
people today can add/edit/delete content articles.

If they any longer ! keep them, you possibly can just use any old online
editor including FCKEditor, and they will edit one record that keeps getting
changed continuously… the site displays any particular one file on that page.
Not a way to archive it, and the login for it becomes one password to get everyone
who desires to change it.

I observe.

How easy could it be in order to intergrate wordpress into an existing site I have vaguely played about for it before but this understanding was you might need to edit the wordpress template to appear like your initial design… otherwise the idea just looked weird.

I’m unsure it is only possible to simply integrate its features

It’s troublesome to just integrate its features… I suppose possibly though.
I do not think I would attempt it.

Maybe there’s another pre-existing article script that anyone can use,
along with integrate it in to your existing website…

Like that:
http: //www. gentlesource. com/news-script/

That’s just one among one… I observed using Google:
http: //www. yahoo. com/#hl=en& q=php… mysql announcement article script& fp=a92da727ef84a59f

Make use of xml and php, although its most likely a steeper learning curve shipping and delivery need a database regarding it.

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