"Bigger"/"Smaller" Liqud static wbdesign… Like WDFs one…

I was wondering if any person could help myself.

I really like the script this makes the WDF discussion boards bigger and smaller sized!! (look up on the header)…

Ive completed many many lookups in WDF, plus google, but are already unsuccessful!

Does anyone understand how to do it, or could point me sumwhere to find out how

If you wish to find out nearly anything about any site, look in it is source code. It’s an alternative way to learn new methods. I don’t understand if people will get very happy in case you jack their computer code though. On additional hand, what can they greatly about it, and you could start to help other people out It isn’t really as if they need to jack an entire site – graphics, content and most.

By the way, just to create your searching easier, JavaScript is applied to this site, though I could think of added ways of undergoing it.

Thanx, we’ve allready browsed this source content plus attached files and also couldn’t work that out! however, being respectfull I thought we would ask before MY SPOUSE AND I stole!

It’s really a combo of css along with javascript! I’ll have another have a look at it later as well as try again. Merely wondering if any person knew how, in an attempt to learn more about what as well as and more importnly, HOW it lets you do it

Would anyone probably know of give sites that sometimes have similar scripts upon it!

More than likely, it uses Javascript in order to adjust the CSS. Investigating the source, them uses this script:
var cookieName = " bb_preferliquidoverstatic";

function updateLinkText()

newLinkText = (preferLiquidOverStatic smallerLinkText: biggerLinkText);
insurance plan. getElementById(" biggersmallerlink" ). innerHTML = newLinkText;

operate updatePageCssClass()

newClass = preferLiquidOverStatic " entirepage-liquid": " entirepage-static";
insurance plan. getElementById(" entirepage" ). className = newClass;

operate liquidStaticToggle()

preferLiquidOverStatic =! preferLiquidOverStatic;

The earliest function changes the actual text from Bigger> > that will < < Smaller along with the second function variations the CSS class (of the chief page of this box to turn in either the liquid class, or the static class.
This entire script is in /customscripts/liquidstatictoggler. js

http: //www. simplebits. com/ has similar function – I are not aware of if it’s described anywhere on that will site but it is. It’s actually quite straightforward if you are CSS is well written from the beginning.

Thanx for the input guys.

Ive read WDFs code in advance of and tried to reproduce similar effect but unsuccessful. I will test again, I will often have missed somthing.

I’ll also have a look at the other site and also have alook to check if it’s the very same or similar.

Does anyone else recognize of any related sites

hello gimmy, i totally need to figure this released too, especially how you can resize images in addition. but check available this helpful hyperlink….

http: //webmonkey. wired. com/webmonkey/reference/javascript_code_library/layout_css/tw=reference

desires to solve your difficulty…. i hope.

additionally, if you make use of dreamweaver, try the following…

http: //webmonkey. wired. com/webmonke… t_dw/tw=reference& category=editor_extensions


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