Client cant access site but i can?

Hi all,

The particular website my consumer can’t access is definitely:

www. lindahuntantiques. com – he can only access them when he styles in http: //lindahuntantiques. com

I know the two would be the same and theres no fact that the www. — my computer is usually fine with either address.

What on earth is wrong with your clients computer (if anything)

Ive told him to keep trying.


Did you adjust the DNS adjustments any time in past times 2 days If you are, your client’s ISP continue to hasn’t updated its copy and so will have to wait for this to propagate.

Hey there cutie, thanks for the actual reply.

Actually he simply just emailed me at this point saying he was while using the Nokia 2210 cellphone to view the particular page – thats prob the key reason why it wasnt listed properly, hes about to try on her laptop when your dog gets home.

99% of the time, if you are able to see the site as well as a client can’t, the challenge is somewhere for their traceroute. They sometimes have a server timeout, a new missed hop, something similar to that. I usually explain this in a slightly dumbed-down method:

" There’s a server between your pc and my online server that’s down"
" Well doesn’t this Internet og directly in your server"
" That would require a one on one line between my server your ISP. "
" That’s the entire point of the net! The optic-fibre (sic) cables that are connected to each other. "
" No they’re not. There are a few servers that are made for the sole purpose of routing traffic among computers. It’s like driving a vehicle from Toronto in order to Ottawa. There are many of the cities in somewhere between; there’s no primary route. One of the cities is staying dug up fron construction now. "
" Also, so can you contact each one of the servers and determine where my problme is"

say you’ll repeat this, kids. Remember, routing issues are temporary they usually will generally straighten independantly out. Do this particular instead:

" I’ll see what I will do. " (Which, as everyone knows, is nothing. But if an individual tell them it is a problem beyond a person’s control, some shoppers won’t accept this. )

In that case wait about 2-3 several hours. By then, the buyer will have called or emailed back again saying everything’s excellent and they’re content.

It is unethical, but in some cases it’s necessary for the reason that there are the select few who are possibly not technically inclined throughout nature.

It is not unethical, I tell clients such things as that on a regular basis. It’s simply telling them what they needed to hear. If for reasons uknown their site dissapears from search results rankings, I know it isn’t really my fault, but I explain I’ll work upon it. I do explain that I cannot guarentee anything with engines like google, and they’ll think that.

Will not say " I’ll repair it immediately", but revealing to them " I’m working away at it" can possibly be totally valid. Just ask a few people to check your website to see if they can see it – if they can, you know it is a DNS issue and must be fixed shortly. You’ve worked on it, it are going to be resolved, and your client ultimately ends up being satisfied.

It happens in a myriad of businesses, there are continually clients that want that you work on it despite the problem. Most clients own almost zero perception of how computers plus the internet really perform, and so they must hear you say you’ll cure your symptoms. They don’t care in case you are not the one fixing it, they need to hear it’s being done.

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