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I work with a mac and my website appearance fine http: //www. lenticular. org. nz but once i go home and view it, this looks messed way up, is there anything I could do or any software Allow me to use that We can check what the website could look like at my mac.

my business is a big lover of grey websites. i would receive ri d of that animated gif and choose a different blue that one particular looks off. to purple or perhaps something very hard to think about. try this #3399cc thats this favorite with #696969. actually i’m keen ff99cc with in which grey. try some combos and its a decent site for this spankin!

hey cheers with the advice there brian, were you viewing your website on a computer or mac, just wanna know for those of you viewing it on a mac how it arrived on the scene

Im looking at it on DESKTOP. The thing which i find is that you simply cant see in which blue backround. As well, the text looks somewhat small. Maybe you might take a screenshot of it using your laptop.

" Viewing it on a mac" is a little a red-herring, as there are significantly multiple browser on any mac, so therefore various mac users can presumably see your website in different ways…

Additionally , there are the various Linux surfers… Konquerer, Lynx, Mozilla, Opera and so on. and, of course, the Windows ones… Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, IE… after which IE and Opera to get Microsoft Smartphones, let alone WAP…

I guess what I’m endeavoring to say is that you could never be sure that every browser will render your internet site correctly… keeping stuff simple, and reading in place about what tags and also methods are proprietary might help…

You never does say what it turned out was wrong considering the site on your current mac… maybe we may identify why the item should be if you carry out…


viewed it in the home on my pc and most of the text (body copy) seems to be everywhere we look, whereas on this mac where I made your website the text is usually all aligned eventually left

Check out and about these links (now inside my signature too):

  • ieCapture shows you what your site seems as if in Internet Explorer SIX. 0, Internet Explorer 5 VARIOUS. 5, Internet Explorer 5 VARIOUS. 01, Internet Explorer SOME. 01, Mozilla Firefox 0. 8-10 and Opera 7. 23 (and you are able to choose from the particular 3 popular resolutions too).
  • iCapture shows you what your site seems as if in Safari A SINGLE. 2.

Simply tried out iCapture, and it’s rendering all my sites that are on the internet perfectly. ieCapture was overloaded, I’ll test again later.

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