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Hi, im sort of an newbie on style., i know that basic and procured me ages to obtain a cgi form snail mail working, then changed server and it also wont work agai but i’ll work on which.
I keep asking if there is often a script/ template and so forth for customers with mine can keep feedback. I dont desire any willy nilly particular person leaving rubbish so must be password protected i always can give to people. a single password can be fine, jsut something to quit idiots leaving waste. Also so i will remove a comment only choose so.,

Thanks for virtually any help in move forward
www. disc-o-stu. com

Well if you are going to have got a password type technique you’re gonna have got to learn PHP and MYSQL. I would also use PHP on your mailing stuff, it’s a bit easier than CGI for me at least.

To explain if you can not know. PHP can be a language that may send or retrieve the words to/from a data source (MYSQL) which holds the words.

It’s a pretty complicated developed you have if you can not know PHP in addition to MYSQL. Hopefully someone else can come as well as explain it somewhat better.

Produce website using WordPress. It doesn’t should be a blog, but it can
use all of WP features on any of one’s pages. Probably the easiest thing to
do and the entire PHP/MySQL coding has already been done for you.

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