Designing a TOEFL-like internet-based simulation test: how hard would it be?

I’m in the center of making a how does a person help students beat test of English like a Foreign Language.
I have a large number of website-related questions, but first here’s a bit of an off-topic plan design one: I would really prefer to include upon my website a program that mimics the important computer-based testing experience belonging to the TOEFL. How hard will it be to possess someone design this type of test
Generally, the test consists of four sections:
ONE. READING with many choice questions
ONLY TWO. LISTENING, which would require ways to play mp3s. A number of choice questions stick to.
THREE. SPEAKING, which would combine reading and music playing and would also need ways to save recorded data from test-takers
SEVERAL. WRITING, which would likewise integrate skills and might need to save student writings to be checked
The program ought to mimic the appearance and controls with the TOEFL (which are extremely basic) and will be able to save results to your database so they might be scored in addition to reported back.
That doesn’t seem far too complicated, but I am aware nothing about plan design — what on earth do you think

The reading part, the writing part, as well as the listening parts is easy.
It’s the recording part that is certainly hard to accomplish.

Your could employ a Javascript applet to do it, but you will not find a free one to use.
The applet is good so it downloads easy towards the user’s PC plus it works.

Observe this example:
http: //www. vimas. com/wav. php

Operates good, but costs a good deal.

What is your budget due to this project
I’m guessing you’ll purchase a programmer, web page developer, and application.

Yep, I’m definitely going to get it appropriately done.
Have no idea what the budget is, which is exactly why I’m posting the following first. What can you approximate I’d ought to spend.

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