Any help on web pricing?

I know there are a huge amount of sites out at this time there.. but I’m looking for an answer hands and wrists on, directly from people that have charged clientele before, ect..

The website is about EIGHT pages, includes any member login using admin access, and full searchable catalog.

Anyone use something like of which Any ballpark phone numbers Thanks

Need guidance…

1) are you wanting items in index, and do you will need to enter them all
so that means it has an admin section too

2) is coursesmart already made (or are you experiencing to design them all)

3) could the website be made using Joomla, Drupal, or a few other existing CMS

4) are usually client business, non-profit, or anything else.

I have charged more with the text on just one page than many charge for a full site. No layout. No programming.

What it depends on is worth building. The questions is have you been charging for technology alone This is a commodity.

User psychology as well as business results let you charge much extra. Is the index a bucket in order to dump generic " content" Or possibly there is savvy visual merchandising design Can there be an alpha-numeric string the database suppliers…. or sales successful copywriting.

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