Do you design with CSS or Tables?

That post got my family thinking. I was wondering how many people here however use tables thus to their webpages

Tables or CSS Just what exactly say you

MY SPOUSE AND I don’t design together with tables. I use CSS for those visual aspects regarding my websites.

Easily am starting by myself site where I’ve complete control covering the markup, I employ CSS entirely. Easily am designing regarding vBulletin (a hint with the future ), then I try to write CSS in which modifies the markup without changing the markup unless necessary.

vBulletin uses tables everywhere, that is very frustrating throughout designing sites. Moreover, it uses conference tables when tabular data seriously isn’t even used.

i use tables for just one good reason. ive simply been makin web sites for about ONLY TWO. 5 years today i dont learn anything but HTML and tips on how to read Java and also PHP. i havent touched CSS yet

CSS. The reason why A) it will allow better control; B) it’s the future, so better get on board sooner rather compared to later; C) it’s " new": Patient desigining sites to get over 4 decades, but only not too long ago moved to CSS. The newness of it reminded me from the good old times when learning HTML DOCUMENT. Those were exciting days and it came back in my opinion again.

Thinking about CSS isn’t actually new. Sir Tim Berners-Lee authored his NeXT web browser with seperation involving content from style in mind in 1990. CSS was primary conceived in 1994 seeing that HTML was struggles to apply even fundamental font formatting with a page.

Here’s the proposal for Cascading down HTML Style Linens – http: //www. w3. org/People/howcome/p/cascade. html code, dated 10 March 1994.

Can it be the future

Well the W3C is apparently moving towards full separation of subject material and style. They’re just using X/HTML to get content and CSS intended for style. This is the reason I say it can be the future.

The center of " new", only recently possesses there been a life threatening push to go lower the pure-CSS option for layout. By recent I mean a year or two. Yes it’s remained with us well before that (over a decade now by the particular looks of the item! ), and yes we were using it with font tags in addition to tables. Most main sites are nevertheless tables-based though, and that is why it remains new… in a feeling.

Even Google even now uses font tags in addition!

None from the big sites are standards compliant this reveals! Slow to catch on however why fix anything that aint broke It’s going to be interesting to see how CSS/HTML build though, sometimes technologies which have been around a while but is not implemented by the big players is often leapfrogged for the subsequent thing.

Time frame will tell WHEN I suppose.

Because they should. As this model-view-controller (MVC) paradigm defines, content ought to be separated from powerpoint presentation.

I never said this is a bad thing! On the contrary, I am a robust believer of this particular concept. All the electricity to them!

That MVC you brought up sounds interesting. Never aware of it before. Must get hem…

Heh… MVC is the core of just about any large-scale software.. as well as the heart of the pc Science philosophy

I have no idea about a latest push… when I first seriously got into the web (as with, learning how to be able to write HTML) POST learned CSS becuase it is the way I found easy methods to layout things effectively. I actually discovered CSS before MY PARTNER AND I learned tables. At this point, that was instruction online 8th grade… almost 7 in years past.

Nowadays, if you is unable to code CSS/Semantic I don’t think you can say you have learned to code a page. Flat out. Should you still use conference tables, you don’t know HTML and are also better off with a WYSIWYG editor but not worrying about resolutions, and differnet surfers.

May possibly seem harsh, but that’s my view like a professional.

wow 8th grade thats while i started drag in addition to drop (believe that or not thats once i got my first computer)! im in 11th today and starting to understand php, CSS, asp, ect.

CSS. Sometimes tables if I’m only carrying out a rinky-dink stupid test out site or various other nonsense that won’t touch the INTERNET.

While i started learning website design 2 years in the past I only applied tables, and to begin with I could not really get my CSS to work right in most browsers. Now I apply CSS and can’t get my tables to be effective in all surfers! Seriously…

If you cannot do CSS spot ? call yourself an internet designer or creator That’s like labelling yourself a author without knowing how to write. Tables are generally so cryptic and also horrid looking if veiwing code. Desk are like shantytown homes with boarded ” up ” windows, whereas CSS is much like the beautiful magnifying glaas house build into your waterfall…

Heh… pleasant analogie. Because together with one little destroy, your whole house may be found down

Non-CSS design with tables seeing that box objects typically aren’t even proper X/HTML…

Personally We’d change that example to:

Tables are like concrete floor buil

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