CSS and text wrap around boxes

Relating to taken my first daring steps into your new world regarding CSS however, Ive faced issues:

I’d like to insert smaller boxes (fact boxes etc. ) in the text can certainly say that the text message wraps around these people. What Ive complied far is we have inserted your text, applied my css style (external) to the text, and subsequently inserted the boxes using Dreamweaver ‘Insert table’-tool. What happens is that the text next into the box moves for the right. Is there ways to wrap the text thus remain aligning accordance with the other text

Should you go to that link, you will dsicover my problem.
http: //www. relocationenterprises. com/testingfile. htm

Internet marketing using Dreamweaver.

Thanks for virtually every help!

Well first of all it looks an IE solely issue, (explains why the item took me/many others such a long time to realise just what your problem was. )

The tactic you’re currently utilizing is some what exactly abusing tables. Desk nesting really slows down a page, yet anyway…

I’ve kind of managed a short-term messy solution that could make things appearance okay in IE, nevertheless it doesn’t appear to your workplace in many different browsers, it depends how compatible you wish the site to help be

On your own first pair of < td> < /td> tags that have the content/paragraphs determine a width, this can ensure the word wraps and does not create the wrinkled edge.

ie. … < td valign=" top" width=" 535" >…

Next replace:

 < desk width=" 10%" border=" 0" align=" left" cellpadding=" 0" cellspacing=" 1" bgcolor=" #996666" >
< tr>
< td> < div align=" center" > < strong> ACTUALITY BOX< /strong> < /div> < /td>
< /tr>
< /table> 


< div style=" text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: vibrant; float: left; text-align: middle; background: darkred; " > Actuality Box< /div> 

… but as an alternative to placing it within the same place because previous table, nest it just inside paragraph. You have to adjust colour, size etc to what you may want.

... < /tbody>
< /table>
< /div> < /td>
< /tr>
< tr>
< td valign=top width=" 535" > <! -- instancebegineditable name=" text" -->
< p class=intri> the history of this country goes to the imperial zones
of kanem and also borno, located for the north of the shores of water chad.
at the height around 15 ad, the wealth worth mentioning regions was started
on their control from the trans-saharan trade channels. in the Fifteenth century
slave trading was introduced along with the entrance of several european
nations. afre the wedding of the 19th centuries, nigeria was melted into and put
under british rule until after the second world warfare. < /p>

< p class=text align=justify> < div style=" text-transform: uppercase; levels: 50px; font-weight: vibrant; float: left; text-align: middle; background: darkred; " > actuality box< /div> < font
face=" verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif" size=1> considering its full independence
in 1960, the nation has seen a lot of governments take business office. concerned
that ethnic and religious disparities within nigeria could split the
united states apart, the military includes always played a crucial role in having
a sense regarding stability and steadiness. < /font> < /p>... 

As I already said the downside is that it only performs in Internet Explorer.

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