Relating to a site determined by a Soccer gaming, and I desire to run a " Goal from the Month" competition but I want to getting a firm to give prizes, and Cover advertise their internet site on my web-site, they can sponsor your competition etc. My neighborhood isn’t that significant, 50 members plus 3400 posts. Can anyone recommend me a website that would probably offer this, and how and what to say if I contact them.

You’d probably need more of a member base when you get sponsored, although if an individual combine efforts with other small sites you can find a sponsor after that, dunno.

So how must i go about undergoing it Find a smallish web page that sells equipment

You could also look for lesser " mom as well as pop" type stores to sponsor a person’s competition. Having a larger company sponsor it can require a very large member base.

Does page sinks into have anything to do with it Because in 90 days I’ve gained 317532 as well as I’m averaging 5709 hits on a daily basis.

Depends on the donator.

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