Beginner trouble , web page in ms word

Well I am absolute beginner, and I want some expert advice really bad.

So, I am endeavoring to build web site using ms word of mouth ( completely through scratch) and I got extremely satisfied together with look of template( I couldn’t believe that I could create something that great using ms word).

I uploaded related to 6 pages upon server (just trying out the look with web site) also it worked perfectly using Internet Explorer www. casinoaustin. net. Now while i try to available it using Mozilla Firefox the item sucks, nothing is actually displayed on display screen. So I guess it is not compatible with Mozilla Firefox. How could i fix this How do i still build my website using ms phrase but overcome this issue with Mozilla Firefox.

Next question We have has to do with page fitting to the screen.

I’d like to see to make this page fit for every screen resolution. Are usually best way to try and do that

What other program can one use to build my internet site from scratch WHEN I tried some softwares i had to afford after trial has expired but they definitely suck. They will be the same to Yahoo site builder. Yes they get the job done very well although template looks horrible for me.

Any advice helps a lot!!

With thanks!!!!

Learn HTML It isn’t really hard.

Thanks a lot Stylise, you beat me to them.
I certainly you should not fault people for seeking to build their very own website, but if you would like your site to check professional, it has to be done by a reliable.
In case you learn HTML, you can solve loads of your issues appropriate there. It seems you are searching for something simple that may " make you appear to be a professional"……. women and men fact you are using MS Word or perhaps Yahoo Site Designer, not to speak about trial software, says a whole lot right there.
Just like I wouldn’t go reopen a casino (lack with knowledge) mabye you must hire someone who knows how to build websites.
None of the is meant to help knock you, you just are generally posting on an affiliate site with plenty of professional designers and also you should expect some blunt answers.
Get a guide on HTML and see what you can apply with it.

I’m a fan of the idea. Also, seek out Dreamweaver (from Macromedia). It can be expensive, but successful.

Apart from learning HTML on the other hand, you should understand to NEVER employ Word for web-site design; repeat once me: Word is really a word processor. I’m not actually a fan regarding word processors at the start, of course, I’m more on the LaTeX man, myself.

I detest word and Dreamweaver would make me nervous.

You’ll be able to create sites applying WYSIWYG (what you see is what people get).

I personally prefer script though it can take longer and in some cases hours to clear up a bug, but even Dreamweaver helps make mistakes and knowing HTML might help correct the problem personally.

There tend to be always " programs" like Web Studio, Online Easy, Frontpage, as well as a host of other stuff if learing HTML is definitely issue.

Learning HTML PAGE (and CSS! learn that too) will administer two hours, probably even one. This can be a great tutorial internet site: http: //htmldog. com/

Studying HTML may require two hours, but learning most of CSS is, I think, more of their entire lives thing: -P

I found the easiest way to learn HTML DOCUMENT was by building sites and experimenting with the effects and outcomes of changing parameters.

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