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So it is my first thread, but from just what exactly Ive seen a person guys seem reasonably active and useful, which seems to become a rarity these days several all inclusive community forums like this are most often a dying particular breed of dog. So a small bit of background upon me, Im a 30 something web developer with alot to master and I have one final to submit before I receive my AAS in Web page design and Administration.

My question is this:

Im working away at a site that focuses on selling used automobiles and used automobile parts. Im applying Dreamweaver 5. 5 VARIOUS, along with Entry, in order to help database everything inside supposed " inventory". Now Im having this matter with passing WEBSITE parameters and filtering them between Produce and Model. Ive managed to pull off the basic DB network string and recordset but I end up with options for Toyota Civics, Ford Camrys, and so on. Ive got 4 tables while in the DB as a almost sidestep approach to handle this problem.

1 will be the Make
2 will be the model
3 will be the year
4 will be the actual vehicle (with the same fields)

Ive developed my relationships to help enforce referential strength from make table to model (containing any FK for make) after which it the model desk links the the particular vehicle table whos PK could be the VIN. Aside from that there is referential integrity to the year, with many years between 1980 as well as 2012 listed.

For the design aspect, I set ” up ” a page so that you can select only this Make, and then pass the URL parameter to somewhat of a new page, running identical recordset. Ive tried this sidestep manuever that way, as well since just recordsetting that vehicle table itself but Ive strike a wall. Im turning while in the final project daytime after tomorrow therefore time isnt associated with importance but this is driving me insane and I interested in it through to the end. If nothing else so I will add it in order to my portfolio after i go hunting regarding internships. Any information can be greatly appreciated, and I thanks a ton for bothering to read this particular.

Please clarify / post the entire table schema. Certainly not 100% sure, but there may be a logic problem, not 100% sure based on the above data.

I’ve done something similar in past times. Once the help to make was selected, this refreshed the page and passed that info to itself. A friend also did something same for Corsair’s technology support page: http: //www. corsair. com/support/technicalsupport.

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