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Greetings all,
i’d like to use many text to ‘submit’ the form on my webpage instead of have the distribute button (that looks out of place on that page) but i am just having problems having the text to behave as being a submit button, can anyone provide a solution to this please

Thanks ahead of time,

What can you mean by owning some text to submit the form In general, it’s actually a very bad idea to apply anything other over a button for submission move, due to the actual button’s inherent post role (that’s what’s usually familiar with submit, people are employed to that). Do you want to use a new hyperlink instead, and also what

In addition, remember that you’ll be able to style buttons so they look different applying CSS. So it doesn’t have to keep an eye out of place.

hyperlink will be fine.
It ought to be text, or a minimum of look like text as the of the design of the page, if it were about me I would likely leave it being a submit button. The code since it is now (working MY PARTNER AND I mean) is < reviews type=" submit" name=" Submit" value=" Submit" >
and other suggestions such as a href=" javascript. document. formName. submit()" > Submit This Form< /a> drops flat.

Virtually any advice

Meh, you might do it this way. If you totally desire it to mimic text, you ought to change your HTML DOCUMENT to:

< reviews type=" submit" id=" submit" value=" Submit" />

Then, add this CSS somewhere (possibly in a style element from the page’s head):


national boundaries: none;
background-color: white wine;
text-decoration: underline;
colouring: blue;

That should offer you a sufficiently similar replica to your hyperlink.

Note that it’s actually a relatively bad idea to accomplish this, however, since submit buttons are generally understood to mean submission from the form, whereas hyperlinks are understood to get a slightly different meaning. Your decision, though

you might make a option that looks much like text.

an effective way to do this is to make the page with copy, display it for a browser then carry out a snapshot belonging to the page then you do have a picture of the text…

this is a quick fix… CSS is admittedly the way frontward…

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