Getting something above a table without moving it?

I am just having trouble together with tables. I wish < center> < h2> < font color=" orange" > Never give this facts out to < i> anyone< /i> < /font> < h2> < /center> being above the touble, though the only way Allow me to see of working is putting the message within the table, which lowers it down. There has to be any way to obtain this where I need it without inserting it within the table so the item won’t move

Another problem Now i am having is buying a hyperlink to underline Only if it is appearing hovered over. My best mate gave me this particular CSS code, however it doesn’t work:

your: link text-decoration: not one;
your: visited text-decoration: not one;
your: hover

I would like that to position the underline under the hyperlink as the mouse is flying over it, nevertheless that code exclusively seems to once and for good dissable the underline. Any route to fix these issues

a: connection, a: visited text-decoration: not one;
your: hover text-decoration: underline;

Can you article the URL of the page with the table and apple header There’s some things that you simply change in ones code above but it becomes easier to help you if we are able to see it. For case the < font>, < i> along with < center> tags need to be removed and CSS applied instead.

Yes, CSS seems to be a lot better than HTML for lots of things. The web page I’m having problems with is http: //www. dhost. info/war/tutorials.

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