E-commerce solution and my template Question

OK, I don’t know if here is the right place for this, but it seemed the best.
Concerning a client that we have developed an internet site . for, they are very particular about everything because they have had the graphic designer providing me stuff with the entire project (so there are all been based on unrealistic artistic impressions as an alternative to actual programming functionality) Concerning made do keeping this, but now I will be hitting a brand-new wall.
They really want an e-commerce part inside their site. I don’t have any problem setting 1 up, that’s not the matter. The issue is they don’t wish a paid e-commerce remedy, so it should be free, something just like Magento, OSCommerce, Zen wagon, X cart, Agora, you receive the idea.
Well the matter is, all of those have very occupied templates, or really busy catalog web sites, I have an incredibly simple template they need me to make use of, but it is one I cannpt learn how to integrate into any catalog or looking cart program, maybe I merely don’t know what My business is doing, I’ll cop fot it, but I’m at a loss.
I MERELY REALIZED I HAVE THE LINKS TO THE PLACEHOLDER FOR YOUR WEBSITE HERE NOT THE PARTICULAR SITE, that would explain why use of responded, the place holder is feeble.
This particular site is below, not live yet, www. girl360. net/flashindex. php
as well as e-commerce template will be here www. girl360. net/shoptest/products. php
I need to look for something that will allow me to have this since the template for the positioning, there are only going to be the nine products which i have places stored (with screenshots of and old version of the site) but it is getting the remaining portion of the e-commerce done inside that template, after which you can having the purchasing cart maintain similar feel that My organization is having problems having.
I have played with every single carts I already stated, but none of them seem every single child do what We are looking for, they all possess additional stuff included in the pages that they don’t want.
Any help or suggestions could well be greatly appreciated!

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