folder structur ……..please help……..

A pal and myself include started working along on some web-sites and something we are finding difficulty having is agreeing about folder structure under the fundamental.
We need to use exactly the same structure to keep away from confusion and we’re unsure which approach to take.

Certainly one of us likes to acquire an empty root apart from default. asp after which separate folders to get images, stylesteets, screenplays, pages, includes, and so on.

Any pages like boats. asp; motors. asp; contactus. asp and also links. asp and so on. would be under the folder identified as ‘pages’.

If your page called automobiles. asp (which are going to be under the ‘pages’ folder), is required to lead to (say) EIGHT pages about particular cars, a sub folder under ‘pages’ called ‘cars_specific’ can be created to comprise them.

Any image folders needing to be seperated, like ‘images_boats’ and ‘images_cars’ could well be sub-folders of the actual ‘images’ folder.

The opposite one of us prefers to have all the main pages just like default. asp; personal watercraft. asp; cars. asp; contact_us. asp and also links. asp and so on. directly under the basis.
the standard folders such since images, stylesteets, screenplays, includes, etc. would also be under the basis but………

If your main page named cars. asp will have to lead to (say) EIGHT pages about vehicles, a folder can be created directly under the fundamental called ‘cars_specific’ along with those 10 web sites would go into the ‘cars_specific’ folder.

Any image folders needing to be seperated including ‘images_boats’ and ‘images_cars’ can be created directly less than the root

If anyone can be kind enough to allow us the benefit of their experience where way we have to go we really is very grateful.

Gives thanks guys……….


Use php as opposed to the cluttered nonsense called asp, and stop while using the term root for the folder in your windows box.

Where naming conventions are concerned, Let the other guy win because it is the dumbest argument I’ve found out about in quite a long time.

The only thing Allow me to say is: do it from a manner that’s the most comprehensive. Mainly because trust me, when you’ve got to make changes to this site in 1 year or two and you go into some sort of garbled up wreck (that made perfect sense when you created the site) you will end up scratching your head and wondering why in the world did we practice it this way.
BTW – there may be absolutely nothing wrong considering the ASP.

I’m keen to keep pieces separated. So in your case, I’ll have the fundamental folder and next subfolders called /cars /boats and many others. Then all car-specific pages go ahead /cars and in a similar fashion for boats. Including images and things.

Obviously, any global information, like your site’s logo and the CSS file go into a separate directory. I call mine /global (descriptive or perhaps what ) along with place all site-wise data.

This particular keeps things clear.

Thanks guys for your help.
It has been most informative.

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