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I am trying to structure a field so it displays simply a certain number of characters, so if the value in the particular field exceeds 20 than it will eventually only display the best 20 characters. I checked the particular formatting feature in the bindings window as well as tried Trim but it has’nt shortened the worthiness on the page I’m displaying it about. I think i’m going relating to this the wrong way too because the fit, be it quit or right, does’nt help you state how many characters you’re looking to display therefore is there a method to display a certain lots of characters of internet of a field

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You will discover javascript solutions with this.
You can limit the quantity of allowed characters (and consist of a counter), and add an automatic jump into the next field once the limit is reached (as from a form that collects creditcard numbers etc) in order to.

Several links below.

http: //www. smartwebby. com/DHTML/textbox_characters_counter. asp
http: //www. shiningstar. net/articles/articles/javascript/dynamictextareacounter. aspID=AW
http: //javascript. with regards to. com/library/bltxtmax1. htm.

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