Session variable in DWMX

Hi all,
i’m still working away at my ‘search’ web page but have produced some progress!
What I want to do now is move a session variable for the next page. I have a text box using a form and your session variable known as ptype. I have emergency the session for the empty text box with the user to enter. The form features a submit button and the code to open the following page is seeing that follows…

srchresults. aspID=< %= Session(" ptype" ) %>

The subsequent page should list the final results filtered from the particular session variable but should the results page opens the URL on the top of the page appears this…

http: //localhost/mysite/Intranet/srchresults. aspID=

The text the user input in the textfield is just not there.
once i open the recordset property for that results page and test it by manually keying in text that pulls up effects!!
Can anyone tips me on where My business is going wrong you need to


Tips on how to assign Session(" ptype" )


< % Session(" ptype" ) = Request. Form(" ptype" ) %>


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