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In the event you don’t know We are a sofware developer and My business is designing a innovative FTP Program. Before I style the program I’d like to here what you web-developers look for inside an FTP program so I can make my plan useful! Please in case you have a minute please would you fill out my simple questionnaire in http: //rahsoftware. com/ftp_questionnaire. aspx

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Robert A Heeley
robrahsoftware. com
http: //www. rahsoftware. com

You must note that quite a few, if not a lot of, of us employ free FTP clients. I personally employ SmartFTP and see no reason to help switch.

i’m not sure if its recently been made, but sometimes once i copy directories, the CHMOD attributes tend not to follow. This would be a very usefull program. Or if there seemed to be a feature where you might save CHMOD attributes to ensure that it would not have to be manually configured again. Nevertheless, i’ll prepare the questionnaire a bit today.

With thanks! I am becoming great feedbacks and also about Smart FTP, according to Downloads. com it isn’t really that popular additionally Smart FTP seriously isn’t free for commerical make use of.

You should try FileZilla. It’s open source and can’t be beat on characteristics or functionality. It’s an unpleasant interface though nevertheless it sure is a very functional interface. It’ll take a lot to go me away from FZ.

Mind you: http: //filezilla. sf. online.

I think your survey is a bit too standard. Obviously we all wish ease of use and looks.

most ftp needs are just about fullfilled by free ftp clients. I personally use gftp on gnome. You should consider your probable market size and/or get a particular market niche it’s not filled.

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