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A bit brief background first—
I’m considering a career change from the world of architecture to the world of website design. I’ve done loads of graphics work ahead of, so I’ve became the visual finish down. I’ve also got a little bit experience w/ web page design — I’ve made some basic HTML sites before and one using ImageReady instruction online my school times.

And so my question is—
With the amount of scripting languages and also what not out there, how do you decide which one to dive into
CSS appears promising… I like the idea of seperating style & content material (less code, sooner loading pages, higher search results rankings). Would I small number that w/ XHTML Or can i go with CODE & JavaScript
Or what about a server-side script such as PHP
Or can i just go which includes a WYSIWYG editor, for instance Dreamweaver Does Dreamweaver output decent / wash code

Thanks for every and all assistance!

OK, here is a quick crash lessons into what each and every ‘language’ does:

XHTML and HTML: They handle content. For case, they define tables, paragraphs and headings. XHTML is really a redefinition of HTML as well as for your purposes, the differences is usually ignored for these days…

CSS: The item controls style, which include layout.

Javascript: this is client-side and this allows some vibrant content. It permits you to embed little ‘programs’ inside your pages; for case, a clock that will ticks every subsequent.

PHP, ASP, JSP and also other server-side languages: These allow stronger dynamic content and will do much more. For example, they might handle sending types to email, getting at databases, guestbooks, or anything else. Depending on you wish to do, you may need to learn one finally. I recommend PHP.

WYSIWIG publishers: Personally I hand-code everything. Yes it’s slower and less wrist-friendly, but that’s me. Others may help you more in this particular aspect.

For changing careers: are you sure you wish to do this jump without the need of knowing a lot about website development Presumably you know additional about architecture. If you would like, you may need to become a wp site designer dealing with the artistic side associated with things while leaving the coding to people.

Whatever you decide on, good luck! Online work is enjoyable

Thanks for your info! I’m not planning on jumping in to a career immediately… I figure it will take the opportunity to self teach myself to your proficient level.
With thanks again!

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