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Hello there, all.
Brand new site here. Concerning taken a long hiatus from web design and programming plus am finally getting returning to working on a personal SITE. So… this really is my LINKS WEB SITE which I’ve linked.

The leading content is:
2)link(inactive) to help homepage
3)lots of cool links, quite a few clickable images
4)PICTURE I took with the area I has been born–1000 Islands region belonging to the St. Lawrence Sea in upstate NY
5)copyright info

I’m form of STUMPED as to how you can LAYOUT this basic page, any SUGGESTIONS

I’m doing my first CSS right this moment to format this TEXT and BACK LINKS and GROUP that links(perhaps). Would appreciate any help in nailing my 1st CSS down, even a proper basic one. Site is not really live yet, thus I’ve attached the actual file.

Remember to ENJOY some definitely cool/useful links, these.


DW found a large quanity of duff tags along with missing speechmarks in that , page. I’ve linked a cleaned in place version.

As for design it – wherever to begin You should break it straight down into sections as opposed to one long checklist. Maybe have map-reading to specific kinds of link otherwise it’s just an excess of to handle.

Try to get getting some sort of page structure after which you can put the hyperlinks in where they will best fit – the center aligned list is rather outdated.

Also go for dark text over a light background.


I would like to create an easy style sheet which sets the website group titles as well as the links.


BEST WITH THE WEB(size 2, striking, color 1)

U . s . Design Awards (size JUST ONE, color 2)

re also: the rest-

1)I broke it down in sections, which helps it be easier on the particular eye and gave me a much beeter thought of the content my site has as well.

2)I am gonna make a directory of link sections for the top to and so the user can navigate to certainly that group, too.

3)Changed to help dark test at light background.

4)Got gone center alignment.


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