‘Hand Drawn’ Websites

I will be wondering if any person knows of any websites that happen to be strictly ‘hand drawn’ like everything is ‘hand drawn’ scanned in and changed into a web internet site.. I am a artist and am curious to be aware of if there are any in existence and what problems one could have with a site like this Gives thanks any feedback could well be great!

There are a lot of illustration internet sites that use a lot of hand drawn sketches and stuff prefer that. http: //www. bearskinrug. co. uk/ is any cool website with a lot of in which but I don’t know of many, as well as any websites 100% hands drawn.

thanks Daniel, yeah I favor it.. i sooo want to see a 100% used site.. like the particular title for bearskinrug, nevertheless everywhere, all text message.. but i guess that would have been a mamoth amount connected with work especially that will upkeep. thanks for that link..

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