Logo for our company

Definitely guys/gals, could you look at this logo to get used for this new company I’m specialist forming

What do people think Should I have any logo or can this do fine

The type of business we will be doing are:

-Web Design & Hosting
-Print Storage devices (Brochures and advertisments)
-Radio Ads

many thanks!

It’s not bad. But I don’t know really, I feel it takes more somewhere.
Perhaps lose this white lines to the blue text along with see what that looks like.

I think it might be okay though because getting used in every one of the mediums that you could have mentioned above. It’s simple and works I believe.

Yeah, POST agree. I think it takes a little " something-something" but I just can’t place the item, that’s why MY PARTNER AND I posted it the following.

thanks for any input though.


Align cost-free line ‘design studios’ it fits within the sum of width of your ‘blue karbon’ form. You need to shave a number of pixels of each side; you will be able to adjust this when using the tracking value.

I’m guessing when you print out your present version it will probably look like many experts have done on an unhealthy quality printer because lines you’ve shipped with there are and so subtle they’ll probably seem like printer banding.

You can try fewer lines at a greater thickness so that they become a extra prominent feature. If you undertake this and get the text becomes much less legible, instead associated with masking out a piece, try splitting the word horizontally in a couple and moving these individuals apart slightly to set-up a similar impact. You can furthermore vary the position whereby you do that, 1/2 way decrease, 1/3 etc.

Also experimenting having tighter kerning and using-upper case will deliver it more effects and potentialy appearance more visually interesting.

I dont think it is best to loose the white lines however , you need a background base coloring. Note if anyone make the background something besides white the whitened lines should only be seen in the letters by this I am talking about they should not go through the back ground at the same time.

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