Having problem uploading to remote site on Dreamweaver MX, help plz!!!

Hi there I have just started employing Dreamweaver MX plus am experiencing a number of problems, I was curious about if somebody when using the know-how could support me out. Anyhow, I am having difficulty uploading my documents. My web space may be registered. Now the challenge is that about my remote site We’ve three folders, htdocs logfiles along with private now I’m sure that for me to evaluate any pages that I can put them on the htdocs folder, however, when I decide on the file that we want to upload I endeavor to drag it on the htdocs folder or even press the fit button, but for reasons uknown the files ends up in the private folder, when I try and go online I dont get access to the page we saved.
Another thing is that how one can delete files out of my remote web-site, lets say I produce complete rooster-up and want to delete all data, how can MY PARTNER AND I refresh my completely site

You need to someone help us!!!!! Thanks.

Make sure you have the accurate Host Directory in your remote host chosen..

.. in your case it should be Host Directory: /htdocs/

When you have it blank it is choosing private through default. If however you choose to do have /htdocs/ while your Host directory and therefore are still having troubles then contact your current host provider and inform them of the challenge.

Where how to ‘refreash’ your webblog you can go to remote view and also just delete virtually any files you dont want anymore..

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