Re-doing my site

my personal current site reaches www. alligatorice. com along with the temporary link is usually http: //nathan. alligatorice. com/sitetest.

I recognize the current variation (alligatorice. com) is extremely much a bandwith hog, and I be aware that it is required to be something different.

I was thinking of creating more an information-based site, with an information input section after which it when the details is submitted, some sort of visitor can down load a " kit" with visual materials like the ones on the website now.

The site is going to function as a new sales medium. I’m wanting to know how I should re-design the positioning to perform their function, but still appearance professional and fit the entire " feel" which our company has along with our printed supplies.

I know by today, the layering, your top/side artwork, along with the dynamic html menu all are messed up on various browsers. It works fine personally, but that would not mean it works for a lot of others.

Thanks ahead for your source.

(Moderators, you may delete my post from the " How’s Our Site" section. This is the correct section to become posting this inside. )

Eliminate all Dynamic WEB CODING, Javascripts, and Flash.
No-one cares how wonderful your menus function, or how
‘really neat’ they look if your mouse hovers above them.

Your customers are arriving for your site for information.
Give it to help them with easy navigation and no fancy menus.
Make it work on most of browsers. If you’re a business selling
an item, make it quick for customers to find your items.

You’ll then ought to program some server-side pieces of software in
either PHP or Perl to deal with the forms as well as the download of
documents, or whatever that you’re offering.

Do your webblog in either CSS or regular HTML… whatever
a lot fast, is uncomplicated to read, straightforward to navigate.

If a person visiting your web blog for at first chance can’t
learn what you’re marketing in about A FEW seconds, they’ll
click out equally fast as they came.

That’s a lot of text on each one page to study – my face are glazing over.

Try out…
– breaking up the data into smaller paragraphs
– headlines along with bigger type (don’t ought to number them)
– bulleted lists
– having a html/screen font to get clarity (san serifs are generally easier to read)

People almost never scroll too very much – smaller images helps.

Also I like navigation buttons to offer me clue in relation to what they produce. Is everyone visiting this great site knowledgeable about ‘CSPnet’ or additional jargon you’re employing

I agree with some of the what has been said….

1) an excess of text
2) I prefer the flash and many of the Jazz (it’s called Marketing to the web geeks)

Good Work

Thanks for any feedback.

POST agree, I have to have the site therefore a visitor can find out what the company is dependant on within a handful of seconds. Also, I have to have an easier way to navigate.

I’m gonna re-create a brand new first page using less text, and a basic summary of just what Alligator Ice provides. I’ll also utilize simple html for any navigation, most likely as a result of alts on images (so I could keep the business’ standard Tempus Sans ITC prefered font which has no client-side issues).

POST still have a pair of questions.

1) Regarded as a make it to ensure the top and/or facet bars (depending on how site is re-done) tend to be frames, in order saving a little obtain time
2) Can I keep some of the images (particularly the actual fruit background) ordinary on most webpages, to have at the very least a little video or graphic stimulization In my personal view, to draw a user with within 5 seconds, the client needs to be enticed through different means than just simply text.

Should you have any ideas the best way I should re-layout the website, arrange the webpages, make it just about all browser-friendly, please, never hesitate to posting it here.

Many thanks again for take pride of place feedback.

Avoid frames, and a typical image at the superior of each web page is nice.
It keeps a similar feel throughout the positioning. The image in the top should
end up being a. gif and you should use other images through the pages… maybe
compact. jpg’s that could be clicked on for larger size, if the larger size
is significant to see specifics.

What a cool business to try and do a site intended for… I’m jealous.

There’s so much room for opportunities here.
You can allow online buying of supplies, kits, etc. with credit cards.
A person mailing list databases for distributors that sign on.

Take all his time to get this town right. You could even be able to
find some CSS pre-made templates that may fit your web page nicely.
Do a search on Google for " CSS templates".

Keep us posted upon how it’s planning.

I was considering keeping the same image within the top (a. gif file), and I’m going to interpret the paper logo into that will image. I knew frames wasn’t ideal, and naturally, checked some CSS templates. I’ll probably find themselves going with CSS.

A good bit of your actual purchasing with materials (such since P. O. P. and kits and such) is conducted through distributors, so I don’t believe online ordering will be too useful.

I am an employee associated with Alligator Ice, that " Director associated with Everything Electronic" as they quite simply call me… I’m just in charge of setting up the actual networking and computers, organizing the vapor stuff, and and so forth. It’s a fun company. All the slushies I could drink.

CSS is ideal!!

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