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Let’s pretend you make a banner in photo shop that’s 900 odd pixels huge. It is obvious so it will only healthy a resolution of 1024 x 768. What I have done in an attempt to make a banner ad fit most resolutions should be to make the screaming in two parts. I put them right two columned stand with cell spacing along with padding set at Zero. The table is defined at 100% to ensure it shows about all resolutions accordingly. I was only wondering if this is the proper way to do it, or is there a healthier way.

I might definitely not understand the question correctly but if you already split a 900 something pixel huge image into a couple images, it’s width continues to 900 something pixels. A table arranged at 100% thickness will stretch for you to fill a browser window when the elements inside are smaller than the window width. However if it consists of two images in whose total width can be 900px, then the minimum width will be 900px irrespective of whether the browser is usually 1024 or 640. Does that make sense In a nutshell, I’m not responsive to any way in making your larger hysterical appear on smaller screens in addition to to design it for your smaller resolution. Hope that helps.

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