How to make my webpage fit to any screen resolution?

Costly All,

We are new to the following forum. I own developed a Intranet webpage for my corporation using MS Frontpage 2002. I designed the web using my keep track of screen resolution established to 1024 * 768 pixels. While i view it around another pc that is using (monitor) filter resolution set that will 800*600 pixels, my personal website doesn’t dispaly properly. I used platform in my webpage. How to fix this challenge Pls help my home!

1) Don’t use frames.

2) As an alternative to setting in pixels to the dimensions, set the idea in percent(i. electronic. not 800 pixels, but similar to 60%).

3) Don’t use frames.

4) Design it in order that even at 800×600, the frames don’t run over screen. See http: //www. airfleettraining. com
This is my first at any time commercial site, back while i too used frontpage. I thought structures were the neatest thing – yet i designed it in order that even at 800×600 there will be no scrolling. Easily were to re-do the item again, guess precisely what I wouldn’t employ frames!!


Design the idea using either 100% wider, or no greater than 780 pixels. It’s going to look different on varying resolutions, the crucial is to cause it to look good in different resolutions.

This article at SitePoint might demonstrate useful into understanding the thing you need to do to getting a good layout for every given resolution or perhaps browser.

http: //www. sitepoint. com/article/liquid-design

100% width is what WE usually use, after that it just expands to any sizing resolution weather them be smaller or even bigger.

Hauling on from just what exactly splufdaddy said, don’t forget that what will seem like a paragraph upon 800 by 600 (if you are going to go for a new 100% wide site) might easily become one or two lines on a larger resolution (upwards with 1400 * ) if you ever seen the reason.

Implementing something comparable to what is utilized on this website (meaning your bigger/smaller link) is a great idea, as it allows the ones that do not thought process having huge sentences running the whole width of their screen to complete so.

Also easily remember correctly, the use of some Javascript, it is possible to preset these functions subject to what Resolution that you’re using, which would appear in handy if you’re planning to go with what was put in place the previous article.

For a start thank you significantly for your reply all! I am very very pleased with the response. Effectively.. someone have said by employing javascript we may make it browser / solution friendly!. Can some you give me the actual link where We can find those scrips.

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