help setting up a simple password protection

For starters I want for you to thank everyone at Website design. I’ve been interested in a site like for an extended time. Thank you for a second time.

Formerly suffering with tinnitus trying to do is determined up a basic password protection to counteract access to an internet page.
The example Im using is coming from my LinkSys router and I have seem other sites utilize this popup to signon.

I know there are other ways of accomplishing this but I want to have this popup to occur when going to a certain page.
It appears as though its a javascript this uses an alert1()function.

the address into the example is below…
http: //24. 59. 213. 122/jobs/screenhunter_002. gif

I have faith in every person here!!
gives thanks again

It is actually done by means of setting password protection through. htaccess information for Apache hosts and AD/NT permissions intended for IIS servers.

If your coordinator runs CPanel it’s not hard to do using the " Password Defend Directories" section.

Or, for page by way of page authentication, you could use PHP’s (Apache required) built in PHP_AUTH constants. Study more:
http: //php. net/manual/en/features. http-auth. php

thats what I need " page through page authentication".

Now i’m using just Apache/1. 3 OR MORE. 14 on my own computer (os XP) and I have a web page at godaddy. com. so I’m not sure what direction to go to get started off. So I must install PHP How and when do I telephone this function.

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