How do I convince a client to let go of an old design?

Has anyone ever had a web layout client who refused all though the most lame of layouts Relating to a client who would like to keep their tiled background *shudder* plus banner *double shudder* mainly because he likes in order to change them often *triple shudder*. That is the business site, and I’ve tried to convince him to look at a nicer, a lot more stable layout (that doesn’t change color as well as pattern every month), but he seems to would like to keep as much the way in which it is as possible. The longer I believe about it, a lot more I realize: all he or she is getting for my trouble may be a navigation bar… and he doesn’t like something concerning this (but he is not going to tell me what exactly, so I can’t remedy it! ).

His / her site currently purposes frames… poorly, in addition to he uses your Yahoo hosting company (which means not any PHP or CGI! ). Did I discuss he keeps EVERYTHING in one directory Finding an image (and you will find about a million of them) will be hell. And I’m not allowed to use lookup directories (because he considers it’s too complicated).

The redesign I created continues to be so compromised that we am ashamed to help call it my very own.

Work on more concepts in addition to present them that will him. Highlight some of the business benefits and how an new designs can help his business. Tell him what’s wrong when using the current site and declare that a brand-new, improved design will assist make his organization money. That’s all clients want in. If you mention that’s could help generate income and bring throughout more business your dog may listen.

Tell him why frames include the work of the particular devil and mention they’re just messing with his site and it’s search engine results positioning.

Tell him what’s wrong with his hosting and what he might get elsewhere and not having to dip into his wallet an excessive amount of. Tell him what you could potentially do with a site that supports php along with mysql.

If he remains to limit what you will be allowed to carry out and wha you will be allowed to feel then don’t complete the task. It’s simple. From what you’ve got said above it is really as if he doesn’t want just about any help and it’s strange that he has hired you to begin with. Find some work elsewhere instead than wasting your time period with him.

Thank you for your advice, Dan.

I believe I shall just simply cut my deficits before I waste anylonger time with decoration style. This was visiting be my minute piece for someone aside from myself. Sad to view it go, but I could not put it with my portfolio anyway as a consequence of how awful may well look.

(And, yep, I did offer him other, better designs in addition to explain to him about search engines and the importance of presenting a recognizable front to your customers. He nevertheless prefers his " private taste" to audio graphic design. )

I am interested in seeing this web site (for a ancient, " Oh my god look at this! " ), would you consider posting your link

May there be almost any negative consequences through posting the url

I’ve for no reason experienced any detrimental consequences from offer a link with here.


They want great products, but a negative site.

Which is one scary web site!

TO convince him related to directories, ask them if each one of their files for work will be in one cabinet, absolutely no folders, or segregated into folders as well as catagorized. Should snap him from that pretty easily.

In the western world the rest, a rapid and dirty mockup will need to suffice. There’s excessively much scrolling presently there.

No touch upon the wallpapers…

Wow I aren’t able to believe someone would choose an ancient design.

Is it possible show us some plus the the design possibilities you’ve offered him or her

Here’s the draft I used to be pushing for: http: //www. subcultureofone. com/woe/index2. html

I used it to be a last ditch work to illustrate the amount more I could exhibit his doll digital photography training (for which they are well liked) and obtain a sleeker, a lot more sophisticated look. Remember, I had to design something he could update together with his own HTML manager, so a wide range of the complicated patterns were nixed (no CGI selections, either).

Unfortunately, THIS is what Manged to get beaten down directly into creating *shudder*:
http: //www. subcultureofone. com/woe/

The banner had to be there and focused, and he desired his tiled history back, and the menu bar this individual stopped liking however wouldn’t tell me why. I learn why. With a centered banner on top, any menu bar will look awkward except there is getting some sort of connecting centered component right under the banner. On an sophisticated site, this may be accomplished, but not using a site with your tiled background.

None in the links work, and some of the images are missing (most of them were on their server). It’s not only a lack of style on my section. They really does fully display in the test area regarding his site.

Alter: Now that I evaluate it, in http: //www. subcultureofone. com/woe/index2. html it could have looked more enhanced if I would’ve made the colored bar and also the background of the menu the identical color. They would have flowed better along. A small modify, but a wonderful one.

Wow another versions are method better.

I can’t consider a worst scenario (touch wood) that they are in with a customer.

I mean poor websites damages a company but choosing a basic layout is suicide and can make the designer look bad!

Hence why I am backing out. The structure he wants… I don’t would like to put my name anywhere near them.

Have you talked towards your client about the particular implications and problems that the design he wants could cause

Also don’t feel bad so long as he’s getting exactly what he wants.

" The prospect is ALWAYS right" (no topic how bad their decision is)

Certainly, I have voiced with him… from length. The problem is I don’t assume my site can be what he desires. He doesn’t much like the navigation bar, and now the design only looks slightly less dumpy compared to his original. I still do not know why he insisted that I go on and use that style and design.

It really is my fault, POST suppose. I approached HIM concerning this, not vice versa. I showed him a good example and offered to accomplish it for your trade. The challenge is, the trade is no more worth my time because it was many months ago when i started wo

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