How does colour influence a viewer to a website?

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I’m a newbie towards forum I hope I’ve posted this in the most likely section.

My business is a graphic and web page design student in your girlfriend final year, hence writing my dissertation. For my subject I’ve thought he would investigate how shade may influence any viewer visiting an online site.

If you could spare me several moments to solution my questions it might help me out and about enormously!


When visiting an internet site do you fork out any particular attention into the colour scheme WE. e. how well thought out it is plus how it fits around the overall theme in the website and the purpose

Brand-new found that site designers tend to stick to pastel colours when designing female orientated web sites Or does anything go

What does one consider to end up being the ‘safest’ colour scheme that’ll work with nearly any website along with why

Thanks completely in advance!


Safest colour is white. It is very hard to make a mistake with white.

In my opinion there are 3 color types of schemes.
A SINGLE. Good Color Structure: – Color’s coordinate and compliment one particular another
3. Bad Color Structure: – One or more colors do not compliment others
3 OR MORE. Garish Color System: – Neon Vegetables, Tangerine Orange. Horrible ott color schemes.

From a colour scheme perspective WHEN I don’t mind just what exactly the designer has used providing it compliments the complete design and that colors compliment one another. Failure to repeat this immediately turns me there are various website and I’ll probably never go back.

Garish Coloring Schemes annoy my family. They are often way too obtrusive for their own good and are created at the detriment belonging to the content itself. The best color scheme need to compliment, not distract from your content.

A good regulation I have learned is to begin with your header or maybe focal image. Pick the two most noticeable in addition to complementary colors through that image. Employ those for shadings, headings, back links, etc.

Lends itself to consistency in your design.

www. lewiscom. ca

Indeed. Color schemes carry out have great impacts to websites. You wouldn’t wish to stick to an internet site that hurt your eyes, would you Color should opt for the theme thus layout of the site.

I’m not fun of fancy-colored websites but I enjoy how graphic music artists work color combinations as promised with their web sites. You know what i mean.

Simply no, not at all. Even a womans oriented website isn’t going to really follow that pastel colour guideline. I’ve seen any dark-colored site designed for females and is very much fine.

Most dependable colours are random world and white. It’s easy within the eye. Blue backgrounds similar to Microsoft for example appear to be the best one particular.

Color can remarkably influence a visitors high quality your website. When you have a green color on your website, the visitor will feel comfortable and want to keep a while. When you have red on your website, the visitor could feel intensity. When you have blue on your website, the visitor can feel trust. I have found that using a good combination with blues and greens with a site is a superb feel for an online site, but cannot often be used due to the type of webpage.

Abloslutely. It greatly influences me on my estimation of the webpage.

Simply no. I think nearly anything goes, as long as it is consistend, and regarding the content.

I may agree with the others and say azure and white. Just examine Microsofts website and you will see why. As well, look at this particular website!

Straight into relation to what exactly Jason said concerning bad colour systems, I recently found this site http: //www. vegsoc. org. au/default. asp talk about a shocker for colour! Someone really would need to give this web designer a talking that will!: rambo:

Thanks for anyone replies

Pingeyeg – I noticed for you to use lots of blue and green within the designs featured in your portfolio. As these colors are ‘safe’ back, does it mean you are reluctant to work with other colours for fear which they won’t be nicely received What websites perhaps you have found where utilizing blue and green on is definitely an absolute no-no

I recently discouraged a designer from using blood vessels red on a great oral surgery web page…. Blood red splatter grunge with black (symbolizing problems and death) not recommended.

That actually isn’t going to explode up unless you view the color choice with the web page visitor’s psychology planned.. and too many designers have got a problem looking further than the psychology that belongs to them personal preference to complete so.

In the event where the vast majority of the competition will be using blue-green — don’t utilize blue green. You’re trying to create a company identity, not camouflage clothing.

A lot of business " identities" are just like the guy at your current school reunion you can’t remember the label of. Not to mention cognitive psychology connected with interaction design was not discussed yet.

Small business identity requires recent color associations. There’s one site doing that right this moment: Cymbolism. That’s certainly not what color charts point out a color ought to mean, it’s just what words people associate with colors today.

Much of what passes with regard to color psychology is actually nonsense enough that they are more accurately labeled color astrology.

Who shouldn’t make use of blue/green Construction businesses who think a new color scheme will not mean anything — whenever they aren’t employing environment friendly technology they’ll appear as trying to " greenwash" practices which haven’t changed for many years. Want to have site visitors go over every claim having a magnifying glass Would like to brand yourself a hypocrite Start with a blue-green colour scheme.

It is the market takeaway that determines what a brand is, certainly not the designer’s impulse. However, a designer versed throughout color associations (blue environmentally friendly wouldn’t make very much difference five years ago) you will get valuable insights.

Makeup companies, colas, and anything the location where the customary color associations (cola red) already are ingrained in your visitor’s mental design. Only do so when the good news is good reason — an UnCola for instance.

Options based your marketing on, say, standard values, a retro blue-green beats out a more trendy blue-green. Taking that approach is that your current branding be constant. Not hard as soon as most branding seems like the design seemed to be applied by shotgun as well as roulette wheel.


Information Design Placed on Graphics: Color Psychology Web sites are UI design, and this discusses color in interface design, not that artist’s whim.

I agree with much of what was already posted. Just another thing to use in your dissertation – when choosing shapes and colours for websites you will need to remember that various computers will exhibit colours in various ways. The results can – if you’re not careful – be unpredictable rather than good. For the primary website I does, I chose not one but two complimentary crisp distinct blue colours (on my own machine) – MY SPOUSE AND I then checked that on another machine and was horrified to discover one crisp random world shade appear your murky sea green and also the other appear some sort of murky lilac! I now pick out a colour as well as use different levels of transparancy of the colour.

I do think lite color is for the best for web design its mimic soft site….

providing that suites your own site’s purpose and market etc.

The most effective colour is to either match something really lighting, like white. or a black foundation. This way, it’s easier to come up with a colour design that’s easy to the eyes, but nonetheless looks great.
I don’t really think that a colour scheme really has a bearing how a motif is shown on a website. to my family, as long as being a website has a good colour scheme, now i’m good. If it’s hard to think about or hurts the eyes, I don’t even bother looking at it.

Some generic color schemes:

— Sky blue and also pale gray.

— Royal Blue, Cobalt Random world, Silver, or Cyan, together with accents in daring Green, Orange, and/or Random world.

— Beige or Banboo Environment friendly with Red accents

– Pick certainly one of each: (Blue or Green) and (Cyan or Silver).

The generic schemes can be a good first indication the content is trite, boring, and should end up being passed up asap. Truth in promoting.

However, if the mind-boggling majority is one color theme, annoying wrong with picking a good, easy for the eyes, theme of your different color. This could be one factor to halt the surfing consumer.

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