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Hey My business is trying to result in a new site where I am going to be selling many things. This is before I have previously designed anything similar to this. So I was wondering whenever a anybody out there which may help me throughout the steps of building a product order article in dreamweaver. Many thanks!



Your own little project will go way beyond Dreamweaver.

To market things online requires handling plastic cards.

You’ll want to do things with this order:

1) Find credit cards merchant that grips credit
cards online and connects for a bank account.
For example PayPal, authorize. net, etc.
This may not be free. You may either pay regular fees,
deal fees, or the two.

2) Together with your CC merchant, determine if you will be
having your consumers enter CC info on your website,
or will these people be leaving your site and coming back.
By using PayPal (typical application), they leave your site to
add items with their cart, and leave your site to enter their particular CC info.
Should they stay on your internet site, you’ll need a new secure server, which costs
more money.

3) Determined by how many items you’ve, you might have to have a way
to upload photos, price ranges, descriptions. Depending on whether the
users stay on your site or make use of the remote shopping cart (like PayPal),
will determine simply how much programming you’ll need to do.

4) In most cases, a program (script) including Cubecart or OSCommerce is
used to handle all of your online store needs. This requires PHP/MySQL,
which is not do-able using Dreamweaver.


Look at the possibility with just using Aol Online Stores, Ebay shops,
or maybe PayPal online stores… that might save you plenty of work.

Miseim – helpful information. Thank you. We’re planning to seem into the chance for doing ecommerce in a month or thus and hadn’t quite known where to start. I’m afraid that any tips that could reduce as much php coding practical knowledge needed are contentedly received!

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