need help on creating a bar that adjusts to user’s resolution

I am trying to develop a bar across the top of my web page that adjusts for the resolution of that user’s screen so that whatever resolution the customer has the bar spans across the screen. If someone could possibly give me some cheap do this that could be great. Many thanks

What would that bar contain Would it you need to be one plain color or would the item have an image in

The bar is a shape of a wave which has a red/white diagonal gradient.

If the bar repeats itself arfter a period, then you might cut the image to that width and then are repeat as the background to somewhat of a cell or a new div.

What regarded as a do If the bar won’t repeat itself. I am very new from this. I want to buy to do a similar thing that ‘microsoft’. com’s top bars do. If you modify the resolution on your screen that adjusts while the rest looks to always be set for 800 x 600 pixels. I am using Dreamweaver and various Macromedia programs that will put the site mutually.

Well, if one side in the image is yet colour, just set the image to left align and still have the colour follow the remaining screenwidth. That is actually what Microsoft’s web page does.

Alternatively, you could just create a 760-770 pixel large site that meets all resolutions previously mentioned 800 by NINE HUNDRED.

Thank you on your help.

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